Emily Myers

Studio ceramics


A group of leaning bottles

Emily makes a range of forms including bottles, vases and other thrown vessels. She works in both porcelain and red stoneware clay. Her work is domestic in scale but sculptural in form.

Recent work

Two Escher forms Two globe pots 18cm and 12cm Two beakers with scratched lines A group of leaning bottles Two moon bottles stoneware 21cm and 30cm Two pairs of leaning bottles 25cm Three moon bottles 30cm Three carved balls Moon bottle 30cm Two mini pots with scratched lines 11cm Oval indent vase 24cm


Pair of leaning bottles with twist faceted vase 26cm Large carved seed pod vase 25cm Pair of leaning black bottles 30cm Pair of learning bottles 25cm Two ribbon vases Twist faceted vase 24cm


Carved vase 10cm Group of carved vases 10cm-16cm Squat leaning cylinder 14cmx9cm Pair of terracotta leaning tall forms 31cm Pair of constructed forms 13cmx7cm Tall form 30cm


Two grey jugs 22cm Carved ball 26cm Flat form 26cm by 6cm Three porcelain vases with decoration Grey group of vessels Three porcelain cylinders


Two cylinders 24cm and 18cm Pocelain vases 10cm to 28cm Carved Ball 15cm Three porcelain jugs 16, 18 and 20cm Carved pocelain ball 20cm Three water-etched porcelain vases 18-22cm Carved pocelain ball 20cm Set of three bottles 11-16cm Lantern vase 33cm Two pierced vessels 10cm and 12cm Green rocking pot 20 x 30cm Three faceted porcelain bottles 22-28cm

Older work

Group of blue flat vases: 2002 Ochre carved ball and brown twist vase: 2003 Group of vessels including cactus vase: 2001 Ochre faceted bottles: 1999 Group of mixed pots: 2002 Group of lidded jars and other forms: 1998 Detail of 3 dishes with tubular rims: 1990 Large purple tent pot: 1998 Persian blue dishes with extruded rims: 1992 Lidded tent pot: 1997 Group of lidded tent pots: 1997 Group of lidded tent pots: 1997

Recent photographs by Mark Somerville.